Credit Card Purchases

To Checkout with credit card please record your Purchase Amount $ from the Diversified Email sent to you from your order. All Credit Card charges are done through our website at Integrated Medical. We have also updated our privacy settings to better protect our patients privacy.

If for any reason you do not remember to click on the link at your checkout page, the email you are sent after your order is placed will have the link there to tap and process if you need it.

From now on, your credit card statement will read “consulting services” for the charges made at our website.

Interac Payments

We can no longer accept interac bank payments sent to: Diversified Smoke Shop as the payee.

It is very important that you set us up as a new payee named: Integrated Medical Laboratory

Please use the following email address: with payee being Integrated Medical Laboratories. Make sure too add the Payee as Integrated Medical Laboratories in your banking Information. When asked to set up the security question, manually enter the question “What country do we live in?” and make the answer “Canada“.