Sneak Peek at Diversified’s Flower Room

We are so excited to let everyone have a peek at our flower room! 

These spectacular ladies are in week 8 growth cycle!

Diversified has been established for a few years now, and finally we can share what we do with all of you!

Our flower is attended to by our team with love and care each and every day. We pride ourselves in showing our plants how much we care for them, because it makes a difference. Happy plants means fantastic weed!

Some beautiful buds growing on our week 12 plants!

We take every effort to ensure that our patients receive only great quality product, and that starts with just the smallest of buds.

As of today, we have 67 plants growing in our flower room and 179 in vegetation. We have so much going on and a truly incredible grow happening here. Our small team allows us to truly focus on our plants, to get to know them and understand what’s best for them.

We are fast approaching the end of some of our plants cycles, which means crop time!

Keep an eye out for new and upcoming product, as well as photos and posts to show you our journey growing our lovely ladies!

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  1. Dave Roberts
    Dave Roberts says:

    Love you guys ,$100 ozs are exceptional ,you always give little more and the samples are appreciated. Just put in another order 😎 mmmmmmm.

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